DNAC was established in 1981 as a service company to the local marine and subsea industry. In 1989 DNAC entered the offshore oil and gas sector. Together with a dedicated team and the use of cutting edge technology we were able to become a market leader in solving complex problems through innovative engineering. In 2004 the head office was moved to Luxembourg and all operations are managed from here since. The start of the second decade saw a shift from being an operations service company, to one providing finance and management to innovation and technology driven companies. In 2012 DNAC restructured and disinvested from an ageing and declining fossil fuel energy industry. The expertise gainend is now put to work to bring exciting and profitable new energy concepts to market.


DNAC Property & Investments Division has been an active investor in waterfront property and marine related companies since 1994. DNAC continues to source and acquire promising sites for development. For this purpose DNAC is participating with a number of specialised developers. DNAC holds interests in several European marine entities. DNAC has recently aquiered a fifity percent participation in Blue Turbines BV in the Netherlands. A further participation in the Belgium based Jokkebrok BVBA adds to the property activities. DNAC has disinvested from the Falmouth based tidal industry market leader Mojo Maritime Ltd in an all shares sale to James Fisher & Sons Plc. Under JF&Sons ownership Mojo can continue to grow and attract further investment. 


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